Friday, October 19, 2007

Jeff Jacoby Responds

Yesterday, Jeff Jacoby, Libertarian Demigod and Op/Ed journalist for The Boston Holy Globe, graciously responded to my "Public Schools, Private Schools, and Carl Carter" post. He had written a column in The Globe deploring the government's near monopoly in education. I loved the article and linked to it, but with a lengthy caveat that a little Guvmint intervention was for the best - they forced school integration in the 60's, for instance, correcting a grossly unjust situation.

Jacoby's email was polite, but devastating. This was the key sentence....

But just remind me -- who was it that segregated the A. W. James Elementary School in the first place?

It was, ahem, (cough, cough) The United States Government. The aspects of education they were best at repairing were the parts they had screwed up.

And that's why he's published through The Boston Holy Globe, and I'm published through a company laptop. I'll try not to depart from proper small government principles ever again.

The Whited Sepulchre, having been spanked, regrets the error.

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