Monday, October 29, 2007

More Protection for Multitaskers

A few weeks ago I ran a picture of The Glockberry, a self-defense and communication device for multitaskers. The Glockberry's creator recently emailed me to take credit for his creation.
Jeremy's Status Message: Gun Control

Starting this Blog has allowed me so many Brushes With Greatness....

Jeremy, of Jeremy's Status Message, apparently uses his Blog to let co-workers know when he's "working at home, working at the office, or working at Photoshopping Assault Weapons". When you get a chance, check out the link above for his full array of protection for the active executive.

Here's a smaller sampling of Jeremy's fine work: The Smith & Wesson with GPS capability, to help you find your way and clear your way, while dealing with navigation AND road rage.

Then there's the iMac-10. Judging by appearance alone, it should hold 2,000 tunes, 20 videos, and about 200 rounds.

Many thanks to Jeremy for his service to humanity.

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