Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Isn't Gore Running?

Michael Hirsh of Newsweek asks "Why Isn't Gore Running?"

Duhhhhh......How did Mr. Hirsh get that job? Hirsh doesn't think this is really about the environment, does he? See below.

Click here for the reason why Al Gore isn't running......

Here's a fun trend to watch..... Google the phrase "Global Warming" in quotation marks. As of today, you'll get 24,100,000 hits. Do the same with the phrase "Climate Change", and you'll get 9,510,000 hits.

The Global Warming hits will continue to decrease, while the Climate Change hits increase. I'll probably do a tally like this every week.

Global Warming isn't going to happen in a significant way. Climate Change always happens. Like overcommitted bookies, they're laying off "Global Warming" action, and moving it to "Change".

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