Saturday, January 26, 2008

Free Trade has given you a great standard of living. Don't you hate it?

According to Nina Easton, of Fortune magazine, Americans have soured on Free Trade. This, of course, is mainstream media-driven horse manure. If you're reading this post, you have a lifestyle beyond the wildest dreams of anyone who didn't live in the Free Trade era.

It's all in how pollsters ask the question.

If asked, "Are you willing to pay 4 times as much for an iPod manufactured in Vail, Colorado as opposed to one manufactured overseas?", most Americans will say no. Try it on your friends and neighbors.

If asked, "Are you willing to pay 3 times as much for clothing that has a Made In The USA tag?" most Americans will say no. (Wal-Mart learned this the hard way....)

If asked, "If you could increase your household income by 4K to 12K by removing all trade barriers, would you be willing to do so?" most Americans would say yes. Once again, conduct a non-scientific survey of your own to verify.

If asked, "Do you feel that we should continue subsidizing millionaires so that we can pay more for our groceries?" most Americans will say not just no, but hell no.

If asked, "Would you feel less self-righteous driving an SUV powered by cheaper Brazilian ethanol than you would feel using Iowa Ethanol?" most Americans will not answer until they hear what Lou Dobbs has to say. (Since Iowa has the first election primary, they proudly lead the nation in corporate welfare.)

The point of Free Trade is that we do what we do best. Other nations are good at different things, and they do the same. Then we voluntarily swap stuff with each other. If we put trade barriers in place, we don't get the advantage of the other country's lower costs. Bill Clinton understood this. Hillary, at least according to the link above, does not.

When the Mafia prevents businesses from trading/purchasing goods and services from anyone they please, it's called extortion. (i.e. - have your tablecloths cleaned by our company, or we'll burn down your restaurant.)

When the Government prevents me from trading/purchasing goods and services from anyone I please, it's called "Pertectin' Amurrican Jobs". Some jobs are saved, but at a huge cost to the larger group. If Hillary lived with Bill in the White House for 8 years but hasn't learned this one economic fact, she's the dumbest woman God put guts in.

Here's a Samizdata post from years ago on the subject. I read it shortly before my first China trip, and it's one of many things that set me on my Free Market Crusade.

Bill gave us 8 years of growth because of his embrace of Free Trade. Hillary is actively campaigning to screw it up.

I feel better now. Glad that's out of my system.

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