Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowahawk and the caucuses

Because of tonight's Iowa Caucuses, I made a point of checking out Iowahawk.

It's the funniest stuff you'll ever read about Iowa. Or caucuses. I'm only linking to the site, not individual posts, so if you're reading this a year from now, go to his posts from December 18th, 2007, through January 3rd, 2008.

Here's a sample:
Iowa is also widely known as "The Diversity State," with its vibrant Norwegian-American community and its equally vibrant German-American community, not to mention a growing population of German-Norwegian-American halfbreed mestizos. And, according to the most recent U.S. Census, Iowa has twice as many African-Americans as New Hampshire, and both of them are keenly involved in the political process.
Iowans Are Moderate. Historically, Iowa is neither strongly Republican nor Democrat, conservative nor liberal. It is near the median in state population and in the middle of the country, with an average per-capita income. Iowans speak in flat, unaccented Midwestern English, and avoid conflict and spicy foods. Iowans have a long tradition of political centrism borne of a strong libertarian desire to steer clear of government interference, along with an equally strong desire for federal subsidy checks to help better enjoy the government non-interference.

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