Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

My beloved Fort Worth Star-Telegram has endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain as the Democratic and Republican candidates for President.

It's going around.

Here are some more letters to the Star-Telegram on the topic about which I will not speak.....I met DeLores Jones a few days ago. Barrett worked for me a couple of decades ago, but has probably blocked out that part of her life.

They're also doing a 24-part series called "To Catch A Killer" that is so addictive it should be illegal. It's about the investigation of a 1997 murder. The newspaper version features graphics, photos, and plenty of sidebars. If you go online, they have videos, recordings, PDF files of old Star-Telegram coverage, and crime scene drawings. Altogether, they're slowly releasing a DVD ROM.

Perhaps projects like this one, which combine traditional and online content, might be the new direction for journalism. I already feel like I know these people. Sam Elliott, Robert Duvall, and Tommy Lee Jones could play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine who gets the role of detective Curt Brannan in the movie. It takes the non-fiction/True Crime genre to a different place.

On a less grisly note, they've published an editorial by MY LITTLE SISTER Dr. Amy Cooper about a book called "The Geography of Bliss". Funny stuff.
The Star-Telegram has been on a roll lately. If Paul Harral played pro baseball, I'd think this was a contract year.

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