Thursday, March 27, 2008, Vietnam Memorial, Craig A. McDaniel, has added an interactive Vietnam Wall Memorial to their site. They stitched together more than 6,300 photographs to create this searchable replica.

Footnote is a site where you can download or view larger than life historical documents without any loss of detail. If you go through the minor hassles of creating a membership, you can put your own annotations on the pictures and documents.

It's unbelieveable.

Click on the Vietnam Wall Memorial link above, and then hit the magnifying glass to zero in on a few names. Then pull back and scan from left to right. I've never been to the Wall Memorial, but this is the only thing I've seen that gives me an idea of its power. A staggering number of soldiers died over there.

Some of the annotations are heartbreaking. Someone has attached these photos to the name of Staff Sergeant Craig A. McDaniel. The little boy in the soldier's helmet grew up to be Craig. I believe the baby in the family portrait is the one who grew up to do the annotation on this site.

99% of the names have no annotations.

Let's get busy.


hypergene said...

Great post. Here's the direct link for McDaniel.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Active Gene,
thanks for the comment and the link.
If I have a problem with the site, it's the difficulty in navigating back to the home page and copying links.

I tried (and failed) to provide the link that you just gave everybody.



ArmyVet said...

In 1997 a web site similar to the one you mentioned opened named The Virtual Wall at

The Virtual Wall has published thousands of personal tributes, photographs, and letters honoring the fallen.

The Virtual Wall does not accept or charge a fee or donation, and does not have advertising.