Friday, March 7, 2008

Rachel's Blog

I found out about Rachel by surfing with the "Next Blog" button. (Look up a few inches....)

She was adopted from China by parents named Kim and Tim, who started the "Waiting For Rachel" blog a LONG time before they ever laid eyes on Rachel.

Here they are at the adoption agency in China, the first time they get to see their daughter.

If you want an emotional experience, start at the beginning and click the "newer post" button at the bottom of each day's entry. You don't have to read it all to tell what's going on, just click as fast as you care to click. Look at the pictures. By the time they get to Asia to adopt this kid, you're wishing so many happy things for this family and for this child.....

Why am I posting this?

Kim and Tim have done a great job with the site.
I wish I could've done something like this for my soon-to-be-Aggie.

And some people I'll never meet have given a child a wonderful new start in a wonderful place. Rachel has a good chance at a prosperous, fulfilling life where she can go in any direction she chooses to aim herself. There are millions and millions of kids in China who will have a severely limited existence, and many will never be loved the way Rachel is obviously loved.

The single biggest factor in whether you are rich or poor, healthy or malnourished, educated or uneducated? Where you were born.

We all think we've hit triples, but we were born on third base.
Rachel, put something on my comment field in about 15 years.

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