Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Caption This

I need a caption for this picture:


Mike said...

May I suggest this Imam-approved option, madam? Comes with a free tea cosy....

Francis Shivone said...

Lady: Do you have any other colors but this blue?

Man: Of course, many colors.

Lady: White?

Man: Yes. Bluish White, yes.

Lady: No. I would like just white.

Man: Of course, just white, how about this?

Lady: This is blue.

Man: Blue? I call this white.

Lady: I'll take it.

subadei said...

"And should you gain some sudden weight..."

GorillaSushi said...

Yes, it deploys like this and if there are any problems, there is a built in backup chute.

Big Pappa said...

Here we have a nice selection of evening wear. And behind me you can see our large assortment of swimwear.

Anonymous said...

um, do you have this in blue?