Saturday, July 19, 2008

Doctors Against Sharp Pieces Of Metal That Don't Have A Blunt Round Nose

First they came for our rifles.
Then they came for our pistols.
Then they came for our kids' playground equipment.
And diving boards at public swimming pools.

Then they came for our sharp pieces of metal that don't have "a blunt round nose".

HT to Alissa In Wonderland, via Nick M.


TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Those British! They're running out of all of the instruments of mayhem to ban... First the gun then the pointy knife..

They will soon do away with Rope, Candlesticks, Lead Pipes, Poison and Wrenches left! Col. Mustard will be rendered helpless to murder Mr. Body in the Conservatory... a very dull game indeed. "Mrs. Peacock makes a rude gesture at the victim in the library and pens a tersely worded letter to him in the Lounge." (ooh - then sticks the pen in his eye!)

Anonymous said...

And then I get a comment in Hebrew, saying "yeah, this is too much, a better way would be to ban carrying knives". I am pulling my hair.

Jay@Soob said...


Jay@Soob said...

Here's just how painfully stupid these people are. None of them has likely considered the fact that a round nosed knife can very easily be modified back into a sharp point. An $40 grinder (not the sandwich rather the tool) and a most basic hand eye coordination are all that's required.