Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caption Contest - "Hawgs Gone Wild" edition

It's time for another caption contest.
Procrustes won the November contest, in spite of a desperate effort by Fembuttx to stuff the ballot box.
This next one one might require some preliminary explanation....
Deer hunters sometimes set up dispensers that will chunk corn all over the ground two or three times a day. (I'm having to explain all this for the Israelis, Australians, and Brits who visit this site.)
The corn feeders are mounted on a tripod to keep the deer from knocking over the vat. Sometimes they'll set up a few motion-activated cameras to record what's going on around the feeder at night.
My friend and co-worker Brent sent me this amazing picture of a wild hog making a late night visit to a corn feeder. Until yesterday, I didn't even know they could stand on their back legs.

I need a caption for this wonderful picture. I'm going into metaphor overload just looking at it.

The competition committee is giving bonus points for any caption referencing the political activity of the last two months.

Any captions making fun of my own eating habits will lose points.


Dr Ralph said...

...Members of the financial community testify before Congress.

Dr Ralph said...

(That was almost too easy)

Procrustes said...

What? I won the last one? Why am always the last to find out? (perhaps because I used a non-public Blogger ID?)

I have two ideas for this one. First:

"Governor Palin, if you'll just step back a few feet, we'll be able to get you and the hog in the same frame before we start shooting at it."


Hog: "Damn, those pigs from Wall Street just had to lie there to get a free meal."

(I'm Procrustes (at), if anyone wants to know.)

Nick M said...

The State Opening of Parliament has really gone downhill in recent years.

Browncoat Libertarian said...

"American tax-dollars at work."

peon said...

As easy as taking votes from the sheep.