Friday, December 26, 2008

From Fort Worth's largest suburb

I'm on vacation this week, cruising around the Caribbean.

I've asked several of my favorite Libertarians to fill in for me while I'm away. One of them is a guy named Tim Lebsack.
Tim used to work for me in Dallas. This would've been about 15 years ago.

It was a troubled retail situation, to say the least. Employee theft was through the roof, a major competitor had moved in a mile up the street, and the store manager before me had been discovered underneath a back room receiving table, curled up in a fetal position trying to get away from it all.

Tim stayed with me for about two months, and then moved on to greener pastures, or at least pastures that didn't have a constant Soap Opera going 24/7/365.

We ran into each other again at my first Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup. Among the other things he does for the Dallas County Libertarian Party, Tim runs the Dallas County Libertarian Blog.

Here's a link to a sample post, called Why Do You Believe My Lies? It could also be called Always Question Authority.

Here's what Tim sent in. He does more link collecting than editorial ranting, and I have absolutely no idea how he finds all this stuff.

He spread out the following submissions over the course of a week. Enjoy. If you haven't met Tim yet, go to a Dallas meetup. He's worth the ride.

Do not for a moment think I don't know what you're up to, Whited.

This ruse about a trip to the Caribbean will never fly. Tell us what you're really up to. Diamond smuggling? CIA training? Working off your debts to the combined DNC/RNC? Survivor Gabon?Your secret's safe with me. I'll see to it that no one in LP Tarrant County or the occasional "lost in the internet web rookie" searching for info on decorating Grandpa's urn doesn't find out about your so-called "Sunny, Warm Christmas in the Islands".

Just to create a diversion while you're away, here are some recent web pages popular with the freedom philosophy and another website less popular but chock full of useful info.


Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. is president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, editor of, and author of Speaking of Liberty.

You want a Toyota and paid for it with your money but your government is now saying that you should have bought a Pontiac, so it is tapping into your bank account to make it happen — and then not even giving you a car for your money! (Pop's '73 Catalina was a runnin' machine for less than 3G's.)

No nonsense, non-compromising Lew Rockwell has more items available than a cruise ship buffet.

Trinity Hall is the best Irish Pub in Dallas. You'll have to ask the 'tender if they sell that Jamaican beer you've come to love so much.

No, that's not the ship rocking.


Louis E. Carabini will give you the e-book in hopes that you'll buy a paper copy.

Relax by the cruise ship's cement pond. If you don't have a paper copy you can read the e-book on your lap-top from

This guys seems to have a chip on his shoulder. Must be straining to your thought process being forced to search the internet for anti-freedom writing.

Have fun on the love boat, Cap'n Stubing.

From a few days later....

Okay Whited, here's more stolen intellectual property. I borrowed it from Michelle Shinghal. Be sure to put it back when your done.

This is excellent to spread around your Church and also to share with your proselytizing libertarian friends.

(This is a very well written post, and is applicable to any form of evangelizing. Political or theological. At the Libertarian Party Election Results Watching Party in November, some of my fellow liberty-loving purists scared the crap out of a couple of bartenders when trying to convince them to go back on the gold standard.)

From a few days later.....After sending me another plug for Trinity Hall, he provides a picture of [the President-elect] bending an elbow. Perfect for the caption contest.

So that's Tim Lebsack, ladies and gents. Always busy, working hard, and keeping the Dallas County LP going for about twenty years.

Thanks for your help, sir !


Browncoat Libertarian said...

Tim, how bout if the Dallas LP schedules a meetup at Trinity Hall? It looks awesome!

Dr Ralph said...

Tim - Some interesting stuff.

I liked Mike Huber's Critiques of Libertarianism to a degree that you and the WS would probably find alarming. Unlike you, I didn't sense the chip on his shoulder. I commend you for sharing something which could further corrupt someone as simple-minded as myself.

As a miserably half-assed Baptist (I'm in Whited's Sunday School class on occasion) I found Michelle Shinghal's post well-written and thoughtful. Nary a word I could take exception to.