Friday, January 2, 2009

What Makes America Great

This is from the inaugural shoot-out of the American Zootsuiters Association.
You won't be missing much by scooting up to the one minute mark.
They guy at the 2:00 mark is waaaay to big to be doing anything on an obstacle course.
Anyone with a 1920's Flapper Shooting Heavy Artillery fetish can fast forward to 3:00.
Whoever filmed the 3:30 to 4:30 stretch deserves the Congressional Medal Of Honor for bravery, even if the camera was mounted on a tripod.

Who are they hurting?
No one.
Whose lives are they endangering?
Their own.
Whose choice should that be?
Their own.

HT to Keyboard and a .45


Jay@Soob said...

Yeah but I'm a scared of guns and so I think nobody should be owning them...

Keyboard and a .45 looks like a new addition to the blogroll.

Burrow Owl said...

Damn. That looks like fun.

Dr Ralph said...

Vaguely amusing (though it got boring after the initial novelty wore off). Not to be an old killjoy, but the casual attitude towards guns that this sort of thing encourages leads to this sort of tragedy.

On the other hand, if these jaspers want to endanger each other far from the rest of civilization, so be it. Should the inevitable gunshot victims go to a private or publicly supported hospital emergency room?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

K&45 is greatness. We were featured in the local newspaper together about a month ago, and I've been reading him ever since.

Burrow Owl/Yhetti,
Speaking of blogrolls, consider your self blogrolled. Interesting site. I wish I could write things that were that short, sweet, and directly to the point.

They should go to a privately funded hospital, mostly because there shouldn't be any publicly funded hospitals except those that rely on voluntary donations.
Besides, 1920's gangsters always go to doctors who are in hock to the mob because of their addiction, and who are willing to do surgery in the back bedroom so the policemen on duty at the hospital won't arrest them.