Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A brief excerpt from Al Gore's North Korean rescue operation

During the late 1970's, two of Ross Perot's top executives were held hostage in Iran. Perot took matters into his own hands and hired some mercenaries to go into Iran and rescue the hostages.
Novelist Ken Follett later told the story of this adventure in his book "On Wings Of Eagles".

During the last week, two of Al Gore's Current TV reporters were convicted of trumped up espionage charges in North Korea, and have been sentenced to 12 years of hard labor.

An anonymous author has been emailing me the story of former Vice President Gore's ongoing rescue effort, Gore's first venture into espionage and Black Ops. Depending on the success of the operation, these dispatches will be released in book form as "An Inconvenient Sleuth".

I am pleased to offer this excerpt from Chapter Four, entitled "Assembling The Green Team" :

The mercenaries began assembling at Gore's Tennessee mansion, The Carbon Footprint,
First to arrive was "Blade", a knife expert and environmental lobbyist who had been recruited for close-up wet work and replanting any trees that might be destroyed in the rescue operation.
A young man known only as "Nitro" arrived in a Prius a few minutes later. Only 19 years old, Nitro was already an artist with explosives and Environmental Impact Studies.
Next to arrive was Cap'n Carbon, who would not contribute anything at all to the mission's success or failure, but would be in charge of monitoring everyone else.
Then there was Colonel Grunt McClintock, the team leader and recycling expert. A crusty EPA Coal War veteran, McClintock only wanted one more mission before retirement.

"That's all I want," thought McClintock, thoughtfully, "just one more mission before retirement."

Tipper led each arrival into the conference room. When everyone was seated, Al rolled up his sleeves and swept his Nobel, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, and little league batting trophy off the conference table and unrolled a thick set of plans.

"Gentlemen," he said, "there have been many rescue missions in our nation's history, but this will be the first Earth Friendly one. We're going to take nothing from North Korea but memories and hostages, and leave behind nothing but our footprints."

To be continued....

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