Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Fierce Urgency Of NOW (before everyone figures it out)

By all appearances, the House is about to vote on a very long bill of which it has no completed official copy.

And it's going to have more impact on American manufacturing than any other legislation considered this year.

Texas Republican Reps. Joe Barton and Louie Gohmert have just asked the chair whether there exists a complete, updated copy of the Waxman-Markey carbon-cap bill.

The short answer: No.

"If a bill for which there is no copy were to actually pass this body," Barton asked, "could the bill without a copy be sent to the Senate for its consideration?"

The short answer: Yes. They did it with the stimulus package.

Through a series of parliamentary inquiries, the Republicans learned that the 300-plus page managers' amendment, added to the bill last night in the House Rules Committee, has not even been been integrated with the official copy of the 1,090-page bill at the House Clerk's desk, let alone in any other location. The two documents are side-by-side at the desk as the clerk reads through the instructions in the 300 page document for altering the 1,090 page document.

But they cannot be simply combined, because the amendment contains 300 pages of items like this: "Page 15, beginning line 8, strike paragraph (11)..." How many members of Congress do you suppose have gone through it all to see how it changes the bill?

None. But it's going to change your life more than you can imagine.

Global Warming is apparently so urgent that we can't even wait until members of Congress know what they're voting on.

Yes, and that's because public opinion is shifting on whether or not the whole thing is a scam. Couldn't we go back to changing the weather through prayer? Or throwing virgins into volcanoes? Making sacrifices to the corn god?

If we're going to use superstition to change the weather, is carbon cap the only thing still under consideration?
Picture of superstitious people throwing human sacrifices into a volcano in an attempt to influence the gods came from here.

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Rachel said...

I was in shock that the House passed a bill that hadn't even been read yet. Honestly shocked. Especially after the stimulus bill and the heat they took from that passing so quickly.
But this bill scares me much more. It's the thought of having to spend next summer without my air conditioning because I can't afford to really run it?
And if they think that we're somehow going to be saving the planet with our lower carbon emissions - ha! I'm pretty sure that India and China share the same atmosphere as we do.