Friday, July 24, 2009

Government Takes Over; Venezuela Runs Out Of Coffee

I found a site called "The Return Of Scipio" on Leonidas's blogroll.
According to Scipio, the Hugo Chavez'x Venezuela has run out of coffee.
I repeat, Venezuela has run out of coffee. They're having to import it.

Here's Scipio:

It seems Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez has been meddling with the economy again. One marvels at the mentality that can cause a nation’s most common product to become as scarce as chastity in a whorehouse. Really, one cannot swing a dead cat in Venezuela without hitting some coffee planter. It would be as if Cuba were running out of sugar—oh wait, it is. Castro and Chavez have the same understanding of economics....

The entire discipline of economics since Adam Smith has escaped Chavez. Why could this idiot not open any Econ 101 text and turn to ‘price controls?’ Here are the results of Chavez meddling in areas far above his pay grade.

On-and-off food shortages for years have dogged the government of President Hugo Chavez, a former paratrooper who has nationalized several industries and expropriated land as part of his socialist revolution.

Hit the link to read the whole thing. It's worth it.

The Return Of Scipio: "Writing not for fortune or fame, but because God is watching."


fembuttx said...

Columbia will run out of pot and Iraq will run out of oil.

Pogo said...

your choice of graphics matches your ability to spell Colombia.

fembuttx said...


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Columbia (name) is a poetic name for America (in the sense of "European colonies in the New World") and the feminine personification of the United States of America; it has inspired the names of many persons, places, objects, institutions, and companies.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Granted, pointing out that Venezuela is hemorrhaging freedom is a lot like pointing out that the sun rose in the east this morning, but this story is classic.