Saturday, August 1, 2009

George Bush, Bush Light, and helping feeble race-mongering Democrats down the steps

An odd thing happened before the recent Beer Summit at The White House.

To end the recent unpleasantness between Sergeant James Crowley and Harvard's African-American Studies professor Henry Louis Gates, our President, (now known on these pages as Bush Light - the beer that never lifts you up, and always lets you down...)

....decided to have Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowder over to the White House for a Bud Light.
Charges of racism, racial profiling, and stupidity had been thrown around. We'll never know exactly what happened during the arrest at Gates' home, but the black officer who was on the scene with Crowley has his opinions. Crowley and Gates left the meeting "agreeing to disagree", and I bet Gates is going to milk the incident on the academic lecture/vaudeville/victimology circuit for the rest of his life.

But I digress. Here's a picture of Obama, Professor Gates, and the supposedly racist cop leaving the White House for the "can't we all just get along" Beer Summit.

Note the compassion and empathy that Bush Light is showing to The Perfesser, who has to walk with a cane. Take note of the racist cop.

Amazing. Truly amazing. Bush Light can't get even the smallest details right, and half the nation still wants to trust him with most of their money and all of their health.
Here's a picture the older, non-light, budget-busting Bush with Senator Robert Byrd (Mommy Party, West Virginia), a former community organizer for the Ku Klux Klan.

Bush was a financial disaster, but at least he knew how to help a feeble race-mongering Democrat down the steps.
Fresh coats of Whitening to The American Thinker, Hot Air, and LGF2 for the info and pics.

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Suzette Watkins said...

Why didn't Gates lose his job at Harvard?