Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Clutch-Phrase Bingo

Here's something handy for anyone wanting to play "Obama Clutch-Phrase Bingo" during the healthcare speech tonight. It's from my Facebook friend Rick Moore:

1. "The time to act is now."
2. "Critics of this plan would have us do nothing."
3. "For too long, we have spent too much money to get too little care."
4. "The current path is unsustainable. Nothing less than a complete overhaul will give Americans the care they deserve."
5. "Under my plan, nothing will change for you and your doctor."
6. "This plan will cover more people, and give better care for everyone."
7. "This plan will spend less money."
8. "This debate has been far too divisive, with proponents losing heart, and opponents losing fingers."

Go to to read Rick's complete list.
And let me give some advice to the kids reading this....Do NOT try to turn this list into a drinking game. Alcohol poisoning is a very real possibility.

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