Sunday, December 13, 2009

Their "safe word" was "Whatever I say, Don't Stop !"

Rod Jetton, the former Missouri House Speaker, fired a state lawmaker from his committee chairmanship in 2007 because the lawmaker had changed a bill in order to end a state ban on gay sex -- or what Jetton called "deviate sexual intercourse."

Jetton was charged with felony assault Monday after a girlfriend alleged that he had beaten and choked her during a recent sexual encounter, in which she failed to use a mutually agreed upon "safe word." The woman also suggested that Jetton may have slipped a date-rape drug into her glass of wine, causing her to lose consciousness. In the wake of the charges, Jetton announced that the political consulting firm he has run since leaving office last year would close its doors.

The picture of Big Daddy Rod Jetton swangin' his big ol' hammer, and showing the gavel who was in charge, and bending both the hammer and the gavel to his will and making them both submit to his desires, and asking them both if they want more? Huh? Do you want it harder? Faster? Does it hurt? Do you like it when it hurts?
Sorry. Got carried away there.
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Ginx said...

Those wacky Republicans, you never know what they're like behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show, either party, RINO or Demonrat, once they're in power beyond a certain length of time, they all go bad like spoiled rotten fruit. This is why I support a term limits amendment. Not that it's ever likely to be enacted any time soon . . . .

B Woodman

Tim Lebsack said...

Thanks for the hyperlink.