Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pigs Fly

Put a million monkeys on a million typewriters for a million years, and one of them will reproduce the works of Shakespeare.

Equally unlikely: Frank Rich of The New York Times has written an editorial on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" that actually makes sense.
The "Pigs Fly" picture came from The Whited Mama.

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Hot Sam said...

Most of my life I've opposed all things gay. As a paperboy I had a gay customer attempt to molest me. I had fags in bathrooms peeping through holes in the walls. As legal specialist in the Army I watched an entire Military Police unit fall apart as the informal "chain of command" of lesbians began to unravel morale and discipline.

I worked every day in the Army with a man who we all knew was gay. He was our friend, he kept his lifestyle private, and we said nothing even though it was literally my JOB to process people out of the Army for homosexuality. I saw a lot of bizarre and disgusting circumstances regarding their relationships.

But as I came to develop a stronger understanding of our Constitution and our rights, it dawned on me that it's none of government's damned business who we choose to love or why. When I got divorced I grated against needing the government's "permission" to have a mutually agreeable divorce.

Marriage, for the religious, is a sacrament. In civil law it is a collection of contracts. Government must enforce contracts while God governs religious rites.

I know that many gays want to get married just to get spousal benefits, but so do heterosexuals. I know that many gays will not honor the sanctity of a committed relationship, but heterosexuals don't either.

Gays getting married don't in any way, shape, or form change the relationship I have with my wife or with my God. It is as irrelevant to my world, my piety, and my marriage as their preferred brand of toilet paper.

I consider their sexuality, in a word, disgusting. But I also consider cigarette smoking and alcoholism disgusting. Many people probably consider some of my behaviors disgusting.

I was moved by an article from a career lesbian officer working at the Pentagon whose partner was kept uninformed of her status when a plane struck the building. People should not have to hide who and what they are.

It's time to allow openly-gay service and marriage. But it's also important for gays to realize that the same community standards of decency and respect that we expect in heterosexual society applies to them too. We shouldn't tolerate the leather pants with the seats cut out, teaching sexuality to grammar school students, public nudity, or tolerance for NAMBLA.

America is a promise of freedom and justice for all. It's time we acknowledged the rights of gays to live as they please and move on to protect the liberties of all of us which are being threatened by terrorism, political correctness, affirmative action, gun control, redistribution of wealth, and socialism.