Monday, August 23, 2010

How manly is your drink???

All I'm going to say in my defense is that Michelob Ultra has only 2.5 carbs per serving, okay? 
Before I switched over to Michelob Ultra, the few things I consumed were clustered around the Keith Richards "Hair On Your Chest" axis. 
I got up to 237 pounds before I switched over to Michelob Ultra.  Now I weigh 185.  So there. 
I've never even been aware of the existence "Sophistication" scale running from left to right. 

I was never a frat boy. 
I used to be a lightweight, then I became a heavyweight, mostly from eating rice stuffed inside baked potatoes, wrapped in Texas Toast, and then deep-fried inside a pizza crust. 
That's the ONLY reason I switched to Michelob Ultra, okay?  To lower the carbs.  But it's actually pretty good stuff. 

I drive a Ford F-150 pickup.  I've stared down employees who are rapists, thieves, and convicted felons. 
Michelob Ultra is good stuff.  Especially the Pomegranate Raspberry flavor one.  I've always wondered why bartenders kinda giggle to themselves when I order that. 

I shot a 6-point buck the very first time I went deer hunting.  Top that, Justin Bieber. 

The defective, faulty, erroneous chart came from here.
I also kinda like the Barry Manilow CD where he covers Broadway show tunes, but that doesn't mean anything. 


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Single Malt Scotch: say no more!

Poof! :o)

Anonymous said...

Bailey's, Lager Beer rule!

I wonder how Libertarians' drinking habits differ from Liberals.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Now, Allen, don't take it that personally. According to this stupid indeed chart I am a cross between Jesse James and Manson, so what?

One's choice of drink is only a matter of how much liquid by volume one is ready to swallow before getting wasted. I guess.

Your health!

Fester said...

I am all over this board, I mostly drink vodka drinks, but I vary a lot depending on the situation, where I am at and what is available.

Tim Lebsack said...

To lower the carbs -

I've stared down employees who are rapists, thieves, and convicted felons. -
Did you hire the fellow from Cypress Bible Institute?

Michelob Ultra is good stuff. -
Kevin F. runs the Dallas Libertarians Beer Lovers Caucus. He rocks the Mich Ultra. I tend towards Newcastle and Smithwick's.

I shot a 6-point buck the very first time I went deer hunting. -
Hunted much,seen many deer, never taken a shot.

Justin Bieber. -
Heard of him, don't know who he is. Never heard of Brody Jenner. Maybe we should remake the chart with Otis Campbell somewhere in there.

I'll leave you with a quote from Pawn Star's Richard "The Old Man" Harrison "Whiskey's what men drink, not these mixed cocktails that these city boys drink."

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Homebrewed beer. Have an oatmeal stout ready, a porter conditioning and a wheat beer fermenting. Always wanted to make my own rum.