Sunday, November 28, 2010

A suggestion for what to do about advertisements

I'm on my way back from Memphis, having had a GREAT time on my Thanksgiving vacation. 
Only a few disturbances in the overall bliss of the week....(I'll post the good stuff later, but Henry, my traveling companion and driver, is going down the highway at an alarming speed, and it is hard to type.)

Every morning for six days, I had to drive past this vile symbol of theft. 

It was on an apartment building that was being remodeled.  This apartment was no different from all the others, but the owners knew someone in government, and were able to get your money for their project. 
I think we should start a movement to decorate every Porkulus Project with crime scene tape. 

I took the picture of the "Be Proud Your Stealing From Your Grandchildren" sign myself.  The crime scene picture came from this company, which actually specializes in cleaning up after crime scenes, traumatic incidents, gangsta invasions, etc.  An apt metaphor for our current economic condition, don't you think? 


Nick Rowe said...

The most extraordinary thing I notice about sites marked with Obama's ARRA droppings is the lack of work actually being done.

I have yet to see a worker on an ARRA site, but no shortage of signs.

Apparently, making signs is our stimulus plan.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Well, in Texas we don't have many of those signs. I think they would be vandalized in minutes. Or decorated with crime scene banners.