Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From the emails of The Blogfather

From an email sent to Glenn Reynolds....

Reader Geoff Lackey emails: “You’ve been writing about this lately, so I thought I’d pass this on: Yesterday, about a week after Verizon announced its iphone data plans, AT&T notified me that the size of my data plan was now doubled (2GB up to 4GB) with no rate increase. Wow, this free-market competition stuff kinda works. Someone tell Obama.”

Is there any doubt that opening up the medical/pharmaceutical monopolies to some unregulated competition would help with costs?  Give me a choice between something that Joehn Boehner and Barack Obama have regulated and a product with an "unregulated" sticker on it at a lower price?  Guess which one I'm picking. 

Lord have mercy, I love Glenn Reynolds' site (Instapundit).  From now on, Mr. Reynolds shall be known as "The Blogfather". 

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Ed Darrell said...

Reynolds is a Know-Nothing with regard to science, and most things technical. He thinks Rachel Carson causes malaria.

I'll take Obama's understanding of the free market any day, thank you.

Verizon Wireless called to tell me I can get a 4-G modem, and shave $10 a month off my bill. Competition is good -- competition among companies with competing technologies and smart people to run it, better. By the way, many of those people got smart with government-sponsored loans to get their engineering degrees.

Yeah, Obama wins again.