Sunday, March 20, 2011

The difference between the Iraq War and the coming Libyan War.

In which someone contrasts Iraq and Libya on Ann Althouse's blog:

Iraq – blood for oil, war for neocon corporate interests and U.S. hegemony only
Libya – no blood, no oil. Obama’s motives pure because, well, good women are running the show for him – Hillary, Susan, Samantha – and everyone knows that when women (and the French of course) run a war good things happen!

Iraq – weapons of mass destruction what weapons of mass destruction?
Libya – no weapons of mass destruction because, well, okay, because Bush invaded Iraq and Gaddafi shit his pants and gave up his nukes. Pshew!

Iraq – benign dictator who never hurt anyone, wasn’t a threat to his neighbors, did not support terrorists, and, through the Oil for Food program, only wanted to share his oil with Europe in exchange for food and medicine for his long suffering people
Libya – Gaddafi is acting like a big jerk.

All clear now?  Good. 


Anonymous said...

Satire or serious?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

My keyboard will do regular typefaces, and it will do italics.

It will NOT do a "sarcasm" font.

Yeah, the guy who wrote this meant it as satire. I mean...damn....