Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome Back Carter

It was 32 years ago today. 
Jimmy Carter gave his infamous "malaise" speech.
It actually holds up pretty well, but nobody was in the mood for it at the time. 
No one wants to listen to sanctimonious hectoring about shared sacrifice from someone widely perceived as the root cause of the need for shared sacrifice. 

Here's a Jimmy Carter/Barry Obama mashup, assembled by some genius from the Laura Ingraham show. 


Hot Sam said...

Easy for them to say.

The Demon Rat modus operandi is to tax broadly and deeply and then redistribute the collections to their favored constituencies. To those like Obama, Krugman, Buffett, Clinton, and all the other limousine liberals, they are still going to be able to live a lavish lifestyle while knowing any dollars taken from them are going to the people they want to have it.

In California, for example, we have no shortage of taxes. Taxes are high on personal income, corporate income, property, sales, property transfers, vehicle registrations, etc. And despite revenues of about 75 billion, the state spends 100 billion and has committed much more.

Money pours into social welfare programs, affordable housing, homeless shelters, nonprofits, environmental investment, and public sector salaries and benefits. Our prisons are overcrowded to the point that judges are ordering inmates to be freed. Our roads and highways are filled with potholes. You can't get state or local government workers to do their jobs properly.

So what have we bought with all this money? Nothing! With all the money we've taxed and spent, things like crime, poverty, homelessness, suicide, malnutrition, obesity, lack of health care, racism, etc. should have been eradicated.

Carter and Obama really don't mean that sacrifices will be shared. It's not a sacrifice when I give money to someone I care about who needs it. It's a sacrifice when money is taken away from me to give to someone I don't care about who doesn't need it.

And this monologue was just a test of the new keyboard for my iPad. Thanks for reading.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

My favorite are the Teleprompter Jesus rants against low taxes on corporate jets.
I wonder how long it has been since he flew coach?

Why not declare a 10% tax on all profits, eliminate all loopholes, and let us all get down the road?

Because there would be ZERO chance of graft and kickbacks and sales of exceptions to the rules.

Bastards. All of them.