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For Future Reference

Marvel Variants descended from his corporate Valhalla a few days ago and visited my office. 
He noticed this book on one of the shelves:

I mentioned that it's a useful corrective to anyone still enthralled with the idea that the State can be all, provide all, and cure all.  The book nails down the Marxist Body Count at 100 million.  Mr. Variants opined that he generally doesn't give Marxist apologists the time of day.  But I seem to be surrounded by them.  And hell, I occasionally need somebody to talk to. 

There are living, breathing people on this planet, individuals who can feed themselves without making a mess, who still believe in the legend of a benevolent Fidel Castro.  I've been in homes that have copies of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book on the shelf, a relic from the owner's "hippie days".  My little brother, a history perfesser, has casually mentioned that he worked with a couple of Marxist academics at a Methodist university in Tennessee.  Yeah, you expect to encounter some tweedy academics floundering around in the post-Marxist mist within some Ivy League Hot Houses and Reservations, but at Methodist schools in Tennessee?  In the year 2011?  WTF???  What color are the skies in their worlds? 

I've never understood why Nazi sympathizer idiots were treated with far more scorn than Marxist idiots.  The Commie Death Camps achieved ten times the death rate as their fascist competitors.  What gives? 

Here's a partial listing of the worst of the Marxist Apologists and their output, along with the work of a few others who've documented their delusions.  I'm posting this mostly so I can find this stuff later.  We owe this guy for putting it all together. 
The pieces with an asterisk are the "denial" works.  The rest are commentary.



Leopold Labedz, Of Myths and Horrors [PDF]
In the aftermath of the Cambodian killing fields, a leading Sovietologist shows how the “progressive” left supported totalitarian terror and mass slaughter while cultivating a self-image of pristine innocence.
Wojciech Roszkowski, In the House of the Hanged Man [PDF]
A leading Polish intellectual addresses the standard excuses offered by apologists for communist crimes.


Neil McInnes, The Long Goodbye

Paul Hollander, A Man of Faith
Communist historian Eric Hobsbawm openly justifies the murder of millions.

Leszek Kolakowski, My Correct Views About Everything
The brilliant philosopher mercilessly exposes New Left guru E. P. Thompson.

Anders Lewis, An Ugly Anti-American
The totalitarian propaganda of New Left historian Gabriel Kolko.

Ian Williams, Ramsey Clark, The War Criminal’s Best Friend

Michelle Malkin, Ramsey Clark’s Bloody Resume
The ultra-leftist former US Attorney-General defends every anti-American mass murderer he can find.

Gerard Jackson, How the Diseased Left See the World
Apt comment on the communist apologetics of Philip Adams.

- Soviet Apologists:
-- Bolshevik Apologists

Richard Pipes, 1917 and the Revisionists
“Revisionist” historians portrayed Lenin’s coup as a popular revolution.

-- Terror-Famine Deniers

James Mace, Letter to the Editor of Ukraine Report
The history of attempts to deny Stalin’s responsibility for the terror-famine.

Roman Serbyn, The Last Stand of the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide Deniers
On the notorious Soviet-sponsored denial tract.
Robert Conquest, James Mace et al., Replies to Jeff Coplon [PDF]
Exposing some of the lies in Jeff Coplon’s Village Voice essay.
Taras Kuzio, Denial of Ukrainian Famine and Terror Continues Unabated
David Marples, Debating the Undebatable? Ukraine Famine of 1932-33

Gijs Kessler, Mark Tauger on the 1932-33 Famine
Mark Tauger denies that there was criminal intent – even though Stalin seized grain from the starving, deprived villages of supplies, prevented foreign assistance and deliberately trapped the victims!

-- Sovietologists

* J. Arch Getty, Letter to the London Review of Books [PDF]

Paul Mitchinson, Another Kremlin Apologist?

Gabriel Schoenfeld, Review of The Road to Terror [PDF]
The discredited historian J. Arch Getty once reduced the death toll to thousands.

Misunderstood Stalin “Killed Only 1.3m”
Oxford University Press gives the deniers a platform.

George Walden, Back to the Soviet Future
Moshe Lewin’s attempt to rehabilitate the Soviet dictatorship.

-- Extremists

How Shaw Defended Stalin’s Mass Killings
George Bernard Shaw denied the Great Famine and justified the Great Terror.

Jason Maoz, The Abominable Izzy Stone
Radical journalist I. F. Stone was notorious for his Soviet sympathies.

Rocco DiPippo, A Scholar For Stalin
On the denial propaganda of English professor Grover Furr.
Ronald Radosh, The Left’s Lion
Historian Eric Foner regrets the demise of the USSR.
* William Blum, The Wonderful World of Anti-Communism

Bin Laden’s recommended radical doubts that Stalin murdered millions.

- China Apologists

Alan H. Ryskind, Red Refugees Refute Old China Hand [PDF]
Edgar Snow was undoubtedly the worst of the Maoist sycophants.

* William Hinton, On the Role of Mao Zedong
William Hinton was a lifelong champion of the Maoist revolution.

Exchange: What We Know About China and How We Know It [PDF]
Werner Cohn, Human Rights in China

Keith Windschuttle, Mao and the Australian Maoists
The role of academics in defending one of history’s bloodiest tyrants.

Bryan Caplan, China, India, and Maoist Apologists
Answering the arguments of the tyrant’s apologists.
Livingstone Compares Poll Tax Riots to China Massacre
Editorial, Ditch Livingstone
Far-left London Mayor Ken Livingstone belittles the Tiananmen Square massacre.
Jamyang Norbu, Acme of Obscenity
Eviscerates Tom Grunfeld’s pseudo-scholarly tract on the Chinese communist record in Tibet.

- North Korea Apologists

Anders Lewis, Useful Idiot
Historian Bruce Cumings is the premier academic apologist for the North Korean mass murderers.

- North Vietnam/Viet Cong Apologists

-- Pre-War Bloodbath Deniers

Anita Lauve Nutt, On the Question of Communist Reprisals in Vietnam [PDF]
Refutes various arguments by left-wing deniers of North Vietnam’s land reform bloodbath.

* Gareth Porter, The Myth of the Bloodbath: North Vietnam’s Land Reform Reconsidered [PDF]
The key bloodbath-denial work, relying on official communist propaganda sources.
Robert F. Turner, Expert Punctures “No Bloodbath” Myth: Gareth Porter Refuted [PDF]
Point-by-point refutation of Porter’s thesis. Porter could barely speak the language he accused others of mistranslating!
Hoang Van Chi, Reply to Gareth Porter [PDF]
An early historian of the land reform rebuts the charge that he was a CIA propagandist.

-- War Crimes Deniers

* Gareth Porter, The 1968 “Hue Massacre” [PDF]

* Edward Herman and Gareth Porter, The Myth of the Hue Massacre [PDF]
Porter and Herman denied the Viet Cong massacre of thousands in the South Vietnamese city of Hue - even though the perpetrators repeatedly admitted their responsibility.

Robert F. Turner, The Fonda Fallacies

Robert J. Caldwell, She’s Still Hanoi Jane
On Jane Fonda’s conduct during the Vietnam War.

-- Post-War Bloodbath Deniers

* Sophie and Paul Quinn-Judge, Viet Nam: Reunification and Reconciliation [PDF]
Far-leftists applaud the North Vietnamese conquest of South Vietnam and paint a glowing picture of the concentration camps.

Stuart Elliott, Americans Still Traveling Down the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Sickening report on the conduct of Gareth Porter, Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk and other “apologists engaged in the systematic cover-up of genocide and gross violations of human rights.”
* Vietnam: A Time For Healing and Compassion [PDF]
Far-leftists deny the post-war bloodbath and reprisal policy, urging that the dictatorship “should be hailed for its moderation and for its extraordinary effort to achieve reconciliation among all of its people.”
* The Truth About Vietnam [PDF]
Far-leftists justify the concentration camps and boast that “Vietnam now enjoys human rights as it has never known in history.”
Gerard Jackson, The Lies and Hypocrisy of the America-Hating John Pilger
The squalid performance of the “investigative journalist” John Pilger, who tried to conceal communist guilt in the mass drowning of the boat people and the attempted starvation of millions in Cambodia.
Mark D. Tooley, Hanoi Lifted Me
On the shameful conduct of the National Council of Churches in present-day Vietnam.

- Khmer Rouge Apologists

Sophal Ear, The Khmer Rouge Canon 1975-1979: The Standard Total Academic View on Cambodia [PDF]
Important study documenting the far-left academic campaign to defend the Khmer Rouge during the horrors in Cambodia. The intellectual deniers of mass murder included Gareth Porter, George Hildebrand, Malcolm Caldwell, Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman.
Michael Ezra, The SWP and the Eichmanns of Cambodia

Stuart Elliott, From Collective Guilt to Collective Silence
The far left’s early reaction to “one of the most brutal bloodbaths of modern history.”
* The Thoughts of Ben Kiernan [PDF]
The shocking record of scholar Ben Kiernan, who supported the Khmer Rouge during the slaughter and then defended the brutal dictatorship imposed by the Vietnamese communists. Kiernan has been described as “poacher-turned-gamekeeper in the field of genocide.”
* Human Rights in Cambodia: 1-10 11-25 26-40 41-56 57-70 [PDF]
Congressional hearings in which David Chandler expressed agnosticism about the bloodbath reports and Gareth Porter openly denied them. Porter’s performance was considered so disgraceful that one Senator compared him to apologists for Nazism.
Torben Retboll and John Barron, Exchange: Cambodia [PDF]
A typical example of the far left’s attempt to discredit John Barron and Anthony Paul, the two journalists who published the first full investigation of the slaughter.
Bernard Levin, The Evil That Men Do and the Men Who Call it Good [PDF]

Michael Ezra, Malcolm Caldwell: Pol Pot’s Apologist [PDF]

Andrew Anthony Lost in Cambodia: The Life and Death of Malcolm Caldwell
British academic Malcolm Caldwell, the most notorious intellectual champion of the Khmer Rouge, was murdered while visiting Pol Pot.
* Richard Dudman, Pol Pot: Brutal, Yes, But No Mass Murderer [PDF]
Radical journalist Richard Dudman, who had accompanied Malcolm Caldwell to Cambodia, was still downplaying the crimes more than a decade later.

- Frelimo Apologists

Paul Bogdanor, Western Leftists and Third World Sadists
A leading activist in Britain’s Stop the War Coalition celebrates a brutal dictator in Mozambique.

- Cuba Apologists

-- Myths

Norman Luxenburg, Castro’s Effect on Life in Cuba [PDF]

Alfred G. Cuzan, The Undisputable Achievement of the Cuban Revolution [PDF]

Kirby Smith and Hugo Llorens, Renaissance and Decay [PDF]
Refutations of the propaganda fantasies about stunning advances in welfare under the communist dictatorship.
Lawrence Solomon, Bad Cuban Medicine

Lawrence Solomon, Fidel Batista!

Lawrence Solomon, Cuba’s Cruel Joke
Investigative series reporting mass poverty under the communists.
Jay Nordlinger, The Myth of Cuban Health Care

Humberto Fontova, Moore’s Pro-Castro Propaganda Hides Cuban Suffering
On the filmmaker-clown’s grotesque propaganda documentary Sicko.

-- Mythmakers

Jeff Jacoby, Castro’s Cheerleaders
The seemingly endless list of apologists for the Castro dictatorship.

Alvaro Vargas Llosa, The Killing Machine: Che Guevara, From Communist Firebrand to Capitalist Brand
The absurd distortions of the Guevara cultists.
* Human Rights and Cuba
Liars pretend that “there has not been a single case of disappearance, torture or extra-judicial execution” in Cuba. Signatories include Harold Pinter, Tariq Ali, José Saramago, Rigoberta Menchu, Nadine Gordimer, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover and Ramsey Clark.
Michael C. Moynihan, Still Stuck on Castro
Fawning media coverage of Castro’s retirement.

- Sandinista Apologists

Alfred G. Cuzan, Tourists Duped by Sandinistas [PDF]

Alfred G. Cuzan, The Latin American Studies Association vs. the United States: The Verdict of History [PDF]
Radical leftists, having learned nothing, flocked to worship another dictatorship.

Alfred G. Cuzan, The Nicaraguan Election [PDF]

Robert S. Leiken et al., The Nicaraguan Tangle: Another Exchange
Sandinista apologists fell over themselves to assert the authenticity of the rigged 1984 election.

- Ethnic Cleansing Apologists

Marko Attila Hoare, Nothing is Left

Marko Attila Hoare, The Left Revisionists

Marko Attila Hoare, Srebrenica and the London Bombings: The “Anti-War” Link
On the far-left campaign to whitewash the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia. Deniers discussed include Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman, Michael Parenti, Michel Chossudovsky, Diana Johnstone, John Pilger and Harold Pinter.

Balkan Witness, Bosnia / Kosovo
Articles debunking far-left deniers such as Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman, Diana Johnstone, Ramsey Clark, John Pilger and William Blum.
Alan Kocevic, Proving Genocide in Bosnia
Diana Johnstone’s denial arguments answered.

- Rwanda Genocide Deniers

Oliver Kamm, After Srebrenica Denial: Where Next?

Gerard Caplan, The Politics of Denialism: The Strange Case of Rwanda

Marko Attila Hoare, Srebrenica Deniers Get Their Mucky Paws on Rwanda
Noam Chomsky’s former coauthor Edward Herman and his new sidekick David Peterson have compounded their denials of the Srebrenica massacre by claiming that the Rwanda genocide never happened.

- Baathist Apologists

Charles M. Brown, Confessions of an Anti-Sanctions Activist
How Western far-leftists became propaganda tools of the Baathist mass murderers.

* John Pilger, Crime Against Humanity [PDF]

* William Blum, Great Moments in the History of Imperialism

Respect Watch, Galloway Backs Saddam’s Bloody Deputy
Far-leftists argue that Iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein and champion his murderous foreign minister.

Oliver Kamm, Propagandists For Barbarism
Trotskyists line up to celebrate the terrorist mass murderers in Iraq.

- 9/11 Deniers

Panoply of the Absurd

“Judeosphere,” Conspiracy Theorists of the World, Unite!
The lies of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

Mark Roberts, Loose Change Creators Speak [PDF]

Mark Roberts, Loose Change Second Edition Viewer Guide

“Internet Detectives,” Loose Change
The lies of Chomsky cultist Dylan Avery and his comrades, who cite neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers and mock 9/11 victims.
“Archontan,” Michael Moore on Afghanistan
The filmmaker-clown explains his doubts about bin Laden’s guilt.


James Crowl, Concealing the Famine, 1932-1934 [PDF]

James Mace, Collaboration in the Suppression of the Ukrainian Famine
Publications such as the New York Times and The Nation covered up the worst peacetime mass murder in European history.

Media Research Center, Back to the “Peaceable” Paradise: Media Soldiers For the Seizure of Elian
The successful campaign to return a child to slavery after his mother gave her life to free him.

- New York Times

Marco Carynnyk, The New York Times and the Great Famine

James Mace, A Tale of Two Journalists [PDF]

Jacob Heilbrunn, The New York Times and the Moscow Show Trials [PDF]
America’s premier newspaper whitewashed the Ukrainian genocide and the Soviet purges.

Carl D. McMurray and Charles W. Dunn, Castro and the New York Times: An Image in Transition [PDF]
The newspaper’s disastrous misreporting of Cuba.
* Sidney Schanberg, Indochina Without Americans: For Most a Better Life [PDF]
This infamous commentary was published days before the Khmer Rouge victory.

- The Nation

* Alexander Cockburn, A Million Here, A Million There
Cockburn’s infamous column claiming that “Stalin did not plan or seek to accomplish genocide.”

* Editorial, Blood-Bath Talk [PDF]

* Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman, Distortions at Fourth Hand
The Nation defends the Khmer Rouge.

Abraham H. Foxman, Letter to The Nation
The Nation is caught running an ad for Holocaust deniers.

- Monthly Review

Oliver Kamm, Divers Deniers

Michael Ezra, Leftists For Genocide Denial
This longstanding American Marxist journal has published apologetics for Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Milosevic and the Rwandan mass murderers.

- Z Magazine

Oliver Kamm, Chomsky’s Outlets
Kamm exposes a Holocaust denier at Z Magazine.

Balkan Witness, Debate: The Srebrenica Massacre
Z Magazine contributor Edward Herman denies the Srebrenica massacre, provoking outraged replies.
Balkan Witness, Edward Herman on the Lists of Missing at Srebrenica
Evidence refuting Z Magazine’s denial of the Srebrenica massacre.

- The Guardian

* Seumas Milne, Catastroika Has Not Only Been a Disaster For Russia

* Seumas Milne, The Battle For History

* Seumas Milne, Communism May Be Dead, But Clearly Not Dead Enough

“Harry’s Place,” So Goodbye Then, Seumas Milne
Denier stands up for Stalin, laments the demise of the USSR and thanks communist mass murderers for their “genuine idealism and commitment.”

* John Gittings, A Great Leap Backward?
Denier tries to rehabilitate Mao.
* Seumas Milne, Why the US Fears Cuba
* Brian Wilson, Revolution Revisited

* Richard Gott, The Future of the Revolution in the Hands of Teenage Pump Attendants
Deniers champion the Castro dictatorship.

* Jonathan Steele, Darfur Wasn’t Genocide and Sudan is Not a Terrorist State
Denial of the genocide in Darfur.

- New Statesman

* Christopher Hitchens, Iraq Flexes Arab Muscle
The Baathist mass murderers were praised in Britain’s major leftist magazine.

* Neil Clark, Milosevic: Prisoner of Conscience
Portrays the Serbian ex-dictator as a persecuted socialist dissident.
* James Sparshatt, The Communist Heaven That is Cuba

* John McDonnell, Why Cuba is a Beacon
The titles say it all.


- Institute for Policy Studies

* Gareth Porter, Congressional Testimony on Cambodia [PDF]
The IPS defends the Khmer Rouge.

Joshua Muravchik, “Communophilism” and the Institute for Policy Studies [PDF]
Detailed analysis of the far-left think tank’s disgraceful record of support for totalitarian mass murderers.

- National Lawyers Guild

Jesse Rigsby, NLG: The Legal Fifth Column
The totalitarian ideology of the National Lawyers Guild.

Shawn Macomber, North Korean Lawyers Guild

Shawn Macomber, Real Revelations

Michael P. Tremoglie, The NLG: Shilling For Stalinists
The NLG’s revolting apologetics for North Korea.

- Amnesty International

Christopher Archangelli, Amnesty For Iraq
Argues that the leftist “human rights group” suppressed Baathist atrocities so that it could concentrate on denunciations of America and Britain.

* Canon Paul Oestreicher, A Line Has Been Crossed
The former UK chairman of Amnesty International compares Middle East terrorists to French Resistance heroes and justifies the killing of Israelis, Americans and Britons.
Ted Lapkin, Defining Terror
The secretary-general of Amnesty International whitewashed jihadist massacres.
Editorial, “American Gulag”
The secretary-general of Amnesty International asserts that American detention facilities for captured terrorists are no different from the Gulag.
Patrick Devenny, Amnesty: For North Korea
Amnesty International downplayed the North Korean horrors.
Jamie Weinstein, Amnesty Irrational
In just one year, “Amnesty produced more country reports on the United States than on Cuba, Syria, North Korea, the Palestinian Authority, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia combined.”

Does this seem like overkill, to continue throwing up Red Scare warning flags this late in the game?  Maybe so.  But check out this recent statement by someone named Simon Winchester, remarking on the recent death of Kim Jong-Il:
India’s attempt to go it alone failed. So, it seems, has Burma’s. Perhaps inevitably, North Korea’s attempt appears to be tottering. But seeing how South Korea has turned out - its Koreanness utterly submerged in neon, hip-hop and every imaginable American influence, a romantic can allow himself a small measure of melancholy: North Korea, for all its faults, is undeniably still Korea, a place uniquely representative of an ancient and rather remarkable Asian culture. And that, in a world otherwise rendered so bland, is perhaps no bad thing.

Yeah.  They're still out there.  Come back, Joe McCarthy!!  We still need you !!


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