Friday, January 27, 2012

The ESPN set we built for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis

My employer owns a subsidiary called Infiniti Decor.  They specialize in retail and convenience store custom design and millwork.  (Hit the link to see more of their fine work.) 

Here are a few generic samples:

They can do "theme" stores, featuring the location of the store, Mississippi Delta Blues, NASCAR, fresh produce, the local university, or in some situations, beer. 

They've done these types of installations all over the United States. 

Last year, ESPN contacted Infiniti to design and construct their downtown Fort Worth booth for the Super Bowl.   Despite all of the ice and snow, the thing held up well. 

Then Infiniti Decor built the ESPN set for the Indy 500. 

They did a good job on the Indy 500, and this year's Super Bowl just happens to be in Indianapolis. 

Here's what ESPN is bringing to the table for this year's Super Bowl:

■More than 110 hours of television and radio programming;
■More than 25 on-air commentators (hosts, analysts, reporters and contributors) on site in Indianapolis – in all, an analyst team of former players and coaches with a combined 19 Super Bowl rings in 29 appearances in the NFL’s biggest game;
■Content across 18 ESPN platforms: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Classic, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, ESPNEWS HD, ESPN Deportes HD, ESPN International,, ESPN Radio,, ESPN Deportes Radio,, ESPN The Magazine, WatchESPN, and ESPN Mobile properties;
■Super Bowl XLVI aired live in more than 68 million households in 162 countries and territories via ESPN International.

The on-site operation includes:

■A 62-by-40-foot outdoor set, enclosed in glass and overlooking Lucas Oil Stadium;
■A 24-by-48-foot demo field;
■Aerial views via a “flycam” that spans 300 feet and is suspended 30 feet in the air;
■Two 16-by-9-foot LED screens for fan viewing of ESPN’s on-site programs; and
■Two pod camera locations at Pan Am Plaza that showcase the downtown skyline, Union Station and the stadium.

And we're building a lot of it !!!

Here are some pics of the framework.  I'll post more as they dress it out with footballs, memorabilia and Talking Heads. 
I love this stuff.  Love it, love it, love it. 

If you need to dress up your retail store, your shopping mall kiosk, or your broadcast stage for the greatest athletic event in the world, call Infiniti Decor in Godley, Texas.  1-800-810-9971

One other thing....GO GIANTS !!!  GO ELI MANNING !!! 


CenTexTim said...

Very cool. Any chance of getting them to build one for the next Blownstar?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Yeah. We're going to build another Beer Cave and mount it on a flatbed trailer. (Believe me, it would fit us well.)

Hope to meet you at a Blownstar event sometime, BTW.