Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hitler learns that the Heartland Documents are fake

It would take twenty minutes to adequately explain all the great stuff going on here.
Here's my attempt at a 30-second explanation....

The Heartland Institute is a public policy Think Tank that fights evil.  Statists hate them, of course.  Heartland has done a lot to publicize Global Warming skullduggery. 
Somebody recently got into the Heartland Institute files and dumped a bunch of their strategy papers, donor lists, etc., onto the internet. 
Now the dumpers and their enablers are back-pedaling like circus monkeys.  Some of the stuff was appears to be fake. 
Oh my. 
Charles Johnson (featured in the Hitler Meme video below) is the proprietor of the Little Green Footballs website
I had one conversation with my friend Denny about Johnson's conversion from Libertarian to Statist.  I don't remember much of what Denny said, but I think Cheetos were mentioned.  Seriously. 

Sheesh....that was like ten minutes of exposition to tell a Knock-Knock joke.  Even so, this is funny. 

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