Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Republican primary preferences by age group

The Mainstream Media often seems perplexed by the college kids voting for Ron Paul. 
Why do they vote for Ron Paul?
Because he as always advocated a smaller government and a stable money supply. 
Why is that attractive to college students? 
Because they will be the true "producers" who will have to work overtime to clean up their parents' mess. 

It really is that simple. 


Dr Ralph said...

Because he as always advocated a smaller government and a stable money supply?

Uh...these are college students. Did it ever occur to you they support him because he's come out in favor of legalizing marijuana?

Ask a few college students instead of making this stuff up.

CenTexTim said...

Dr. Ralph - 1
Allen - 0

I am surrounded by college students.

They don't think deep thoughts.

Their focus is on short-term gratification.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

My only polling in this area is indeed limited.
Here's the story, though....I once wore a Libertarian Party t-shirt to the "Chilifest" event near College Station. Think of it as a wealthy redneck kids' Woodstock.
I couldn't enjoy the music because of all the kids WANTING TO TALK POLITICS. (The Aggies are generally more into it than others.)
Anyway, a large majority stated that they were kind of into Ron Paul and the LP, but they were concerned about the personal freedom issue - drugs in particular. Considering that they were, without exception, drunk, I thought this was funny.
I eventually had to change T-shirts so I could enjoy the music !

Joshua Clements said...

Dr. Ralph,

Regardless of the age demographic, wouldn't you consider marijuana prohibition and the so-called Drug War a failure?

I believe that around 44% of Americans (all ages, and political affiliations) are in favor of marijuana legalization.

Beyond the surface, the true reasoning that so many young people are attracted to the idea of small government, and Ron Paul specifically, is because they've realize that the immense amount of debt big government has snowballed is going to spilled on them. They are also apart of the Information Age, and get their news from sources other than the television, and see the true flaws in our financial and foreign policies.

To assume that young voters only support Ron Paul because of drug legalization is such a narrow understanding of that demographic.