Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Are A Libertarian

You Are A Libertarian - fiscally/economically conservative and socially tolerant. 

Please allow me to explain. 

You think that you are a better judge of how to spend your money than anyone else.  You don't have a personal shopper who handles that kind of thing for a small fee, because you don't trust anyone else to get it right.  You wouldn't let John Boehner pick out your clothes or buy your groceries. 

If you play the stock market, you do some reading and research first.  You try to look at past results to predict future performance.  If Nancy Pelosi knocked on your door with a stock prospectus, you'd probably send her away. 

Chances are, if you have a rich neighbor, you've never gone next door with guns and taken their money to apply it to your pet causes.  If Tim Geithner pulled a gun on your neighbor and took his money, and used it to buy G.M.'s and Chryslers, you'd be angry.   

You probably give some money to charity, but very little of it goes to Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Bakker.  You know that no matter how emotional and weepy their appeals, no matter how they paint themselves as unselfish angels, you know that they're con artists.  You feel very little guilt over denying them your money or support.  You don't think this makes you a bad person. 

You think that if person A robs person B for the benefit of person C, then person A is a scoundrel. 

You're also socially tolerant. 

Chances are, you've never beaten or horse-whipped a gay dude or a lesbian woman.  You'd stop anyone else who tried to do so.   

Unlike my Baptist grandparents and parents, you might take a drink now and then.  You probably believe that the 1920's failed prohibition experiment was a disaster for the country.  When noted slot-machine junkie Bill Bennet goes on a radio rant in favor of the Drug War, you sense a disconnect.   

You have a neighbor down the street who is grossly overweight.  But you don't feel that it's your responsibility to control his diet or make him exercise.  If Michelle Obama broke into his home to take away his two-liter Cokes, you'd probably call the cops on her.   

Chances are, you grew up believing that Jesus walked on water, that Moses parted the Red Sea, and that God made Adam and Eve out of mud pies.  You know that those beliefs won't survive too much cross-examination.  So you cut the Mormons, Muslims, Scientologists and Buddhists a little slack too.  You probably don't want to bomb them or their children.   

You know that you spend waaaaay too much time surfing the 'net, watching sports on TV, playing video games and reading instead of exercising.  You know that you need to cut back on the carbs.  You also know that you would knock the living snot out of anybody who tried to mandate the contents of YOUR refrigerator, or monitor YOUR television.

See, you expect other people to be tolerant of your little vices. 

You are a Libertarian. 


Xi Rosewell said...

Every market has its risks. That's why you really got to learn how to play in the field you have chosen. And be ready to some failures. They really can happen.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without Hell.