Saturday, December 8, 2012

Some updates from the Texas Libertarian Party

From Pat Dixon, State LP Chair.  Here's how the Texas Libertarian Party has done in the last three presidential election year cycles:

Average results for the last 3 presidential election years200420082012
US House races (3-way)1.70%2.40%2.60%
US House races (2-way)6.90%13.10%17.60%
Texas House (3-way)2.70%2.80%3.80%
Texas House (2-way)9.70%13.40%16.20%
Statewide Judicial races (2-way)15.10%18.10%21.70%

That's coming along nicely, don't you think? 

Give us a few more years of The Fed printing money, undeclared wars, insane spending, a former pot-smoking black man locking tens of thousands of black men in cages for smoking a plant, crony capitalism, regulatory hell, and a goofy healthcare mandate, and we'll start electing some candidates. 

Or will the voters start doing the right thing, and voting for liberty, without hitting rock bottom first? 


marshall said...

more people will continue to migrate toward liberty. but I think more people will also migrate toward socialism.
they actually like this crap. only they haven't realized what comes after socialism

Bob S. said...

I think a bigger push to elect members of the LP to local offices would benefit more.

Local offices are stepping stones to more but more importantly they let people see what libertarians actually believe.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Marshall, I think it's a coin flip. Who knows which way people are going to go? Heck, the State controls the schools, most of the narrative, etc.

Bob S., the Tarrant bunch is going to try to do just that very thing in 2014.