Sunday, March 24, 2013

Slave Of The Week

A bar friend of mine that I frequently debate on Facebook recently posted the following definition:
He's a good guy, fun to play guitar with, loves his kids, etc. 
But what in the world could make a rational human being agree with that statement?  Somewhere out there, someone is spreading the idea that Big Business and Big Government don't love each other.  This person must be found and stopped. 

Are citizens worried that in a libertarian society, private insurance companies would force individuals to purchase their product?  i.e. ObamaCare?

Do you think that libertarians want bankrupt auto manufacturers to steal your money for bailouts? 

Does anyone honestly believe that Monsanto could enforce their seed monopolies without tender, loving help from the U.S. Department Of Agriculture? 

I know this has been a staple of TV shows and bad movies for decades, but who all thinks that private businesses can be successful by killing their customers? 

I really don't believe that The Evil Koch Brothers are going to chase me down the street and force me to read The Old Testament. 

Does anyone believe that, in a small government society, automakers would steal your money, use it to purchase old cars, destroy the old cars, and give customers a check for a new car?  i.e. Cash For Clunkers?

This isn't the dumbest thing I've seen a Statist post on Facebook, but it's in my top 20. 

Hope you've had a good weekend.  I'm gonna go make sure that Starbucks hasn't put poison in my espresso, and that Ford hasn't put a bomb in my gas tank. 


Berit said...

Allen , you have to update your blog list!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Yeah, I know. It's been years. Gotta do a refurb sometime.
Google isn't sending as much traffic to their blogger/blogspot bidness as they used to, so I might switch to Wordpress or my own JOOMLA site soon.