Thursday, April 4, 2013

On Racism

Libertarians, as a general rule, are all about protecting individual rights. 
There are no "group" rights. 
There are no "minority" rights that can't be more rationally applied to individuals. 
The smallest minority is the individual. 

Libertarians generally despise collectivism. 
The worst form of collectivism is that which lumps the individual in with others, based only on genetic, hereditary, or regional similarities. 
That would be racism. 

Our government employs legions of purity police, dividing their little kingdoms into Hutus and Tutsis, and ensuring that goodies and graft go to each "side". 

They do this because 1) it helps keep them in power, and 2) they see people through a race-based filter.  They know that tribalism is the best method of control.   

They are racists. 

Hope this helps. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


Dr Ralph said...

Since there have historically been groups denying people their rights based on genetic, hereditary, or regional similarities, or enforcing laws selectively on the above criteria, this sort of puts your high-minded argument to the test.

"Hutus and Tutsis"? And you're calling someone else racists?

I still number you among my friends, but that's some pretty low-minded shit.

Libertarians talk a good game, but peel away the glib verbiage and it's still just shilling for the powerful pushing the powerless around.