Thursday, May 16, 2013

The DFW NORML April Meeting Video

Here's the DFW NORML April Meeting video, from the Whiskey Girl Saloon in the Fort Worth stockyards.  (Yes, they really do have a mock police car with a marijuana leaf on the hood.) 
Shaun McAlister has done one heck of a job building this organization. 
For anyone wondering what I look and sound like, go to the 12:00 mark. 
My observations on form, not content, below the video:

1) I need to lose 40 pounds.  Quick.  None of my old suits fit me, and I wanted one for our gun rights debate that was held earlier the same day.  Got this lovely ensemble, the jacket and pants, for just $104.00 at Sears (after saving $15.00 by getting a Sears credit card).  If those clothes were to catch on fire, they would melt back to their original state as a sheet of plastic. 

2) I need to smile more.  I mean really overdo it. 

3) Lord have mercy, I speak like someone from Mississippi. 

Shaun has also asked me to speak on the topic of my choice at the upcoming Texas Regional NORML Conference, June 7th-9th, in downtown Fort Worth's Norris Conference Center.  Hit the link.  I can't wait!!!

BTW, if you've ever wondered whether or not Broadway Baptist Church is the coolest religious institution on the planet, wonder no more.  Broadway has TWO members speaking at a weed legalization conference. The great Dr. Alan Bean is the other one.  Go figure. 

Herb's the word !!!

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