Saturday, June 22, 2013

You might not care about politics, but politics cares about you.

The Tarrant County Libertarian Party usually has a meetup at a coffee bar, club, pub, or dive bar once a month.  It's always fun when the young newbies show up. 

One guy named Patrick stayed late to talk with us after the most recent meetup, and his complaint was a common one.  "We can hand out Nolan Charts on campus, talk about liberty, restraints on freedom, and all the big issues, and most college-age students will agree that they're probably libertarian-"ish", but they just aren't that into politics."

That's always fun one to respond to. 

You might not be into politics, but son, you better believe that politics is into you. 

"Politics", as currently practiced, has put $53,000.00 on your bar tab.  Have you ever had a good friend do that to you?  Don't you hate it when someone you don't really know that well goes out and has a good time at your expense, and leaves you with a bill for FIFTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS???

What are you majoring in at UT/A&M/UTA/Texas Wesleyan/TCU/TCCC? 

Oh, you're majoring in business?  That means you'll probably grow up to be a productive taxpayer.  In that case, they've put $148,000.00 on your bar tab. 

How old are you, son?  You're 21? 

Well, the unfunded liabilities (the bills that haven't come due yet) will add up to $1,09,906.00 per taxpayer. 

No one else is going to take care of this problem.  There isn't enough money in the nation to take care of the problem.  They're printing it. 

The folks in Washington are trying to distract you today with arguments about immigration.  Hell, illegal immigrants paying into Social Security and never taking anything out of it - they're the only thing keeping the system afloat. 

In the meantime, the area surrounding Washington D.C. is having the biggest boom in American history.  And you're paying for it. 

You might not care about politics, but politics cares about you. 


Jay@Soob said...

Pericles. It's amazing how wisdom survives even the most pernicious element, time.

Anonymous said...

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