Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Create Little Libertarians

A friend of the Tarrant County Libertarian party has invited us to participate in Fall Festival of some sort. We can set up a booth and hand out literature on October 19th, from 10:00 a.m. til 2:00 p.m. for just a $20.00 fee.

There's one other catch....each booth must have a "kid-friendly" activity, like a beanbag toss, duck pond, coloring, face paints, or something similar.

I proposed the following at our recent Exec Committee meeting, and most of the group liked it. I think it will create some future Libertarians. It needs some finesse, though.... Here goes: We make two spinning wheels.

Each kid gets a spin on each. On the first wheel, make it statistically likely that the kid lands on a space where he wins 2 pieces of bite-sized candy. (Either 3,2, or 1 pieces for everyone.) If they land on "Start A Business" they get three pieces of candy. Land on "Create Jobs and Get Rich" they get two pieces of candy. Land on "Work Hard" and get one piece of candy.

But that's not all

... Then the kid has to take a spin on the 2nd wheel. While there is a slight chance that the kid doubles his haul by landing on "Make Friends With A Congressman" or "Start Building Drones" there's an even more likely chance that the kid'll have to give up some candy if he lands on a space reading "war - lose two pieces", or "green energy company - lose one piece", or "pay taxes - lose 1 piece", or "government healthcare - lose your life" (just joking there) or something similar.

Any kid who gets wiped out by this little economy could possibly receive a "bankrupt" spin card or something until he gets at least one piece of candy. And it should be fairly difficult to get that one piece of candy.

Then we give him a bright little piece of paper that says "The Libertarian Party believes that you should share your money and your candy, but it should be your choice, and your parents' choice."

Ideas like this are why I'm probably going to hell. Your thoughts on this?



MingoV said...

I'd change the wheels a bit.

First wheel choices would relate to jobs and earnings:

Study hard, get good job: 3 candies

Study some, get OK job: 2 candies

Get unskilled job: 1 candy

Don't work and get government Food Stamps: 1 candy

Wheel 2:

ObamaCare implemented: Give 1 candy if you have a job

Another war: Give 1 candy if you have a job

Unions get big favors: Give 1 candy if you have a job

Fed bails out an industry: Give 1 candy if you have a job

Libertarian wheels:

Wheel 1: Earn 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 candies

Wheel 2: Every choice is "Minimal government, keep your candy."

The Whited Sepulchre said...

We're still at the talk stage on this thing, but I can see certain types of parents sending their kids through over and over and over !!