Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our First ObamaCare Meeting

My employer, known on this site as Jukt Micronics, had its first real ObamaCare meetings today. 

Fun, fun, fun.  Lots of Democrats, in Nancy Pelosi's immortal phrase, found out "what's in the bill". 

The good parts, in order.....

1) The rep from the insurance company explained that for the 1st time since 1984, the year of Jukt Micronics' founding, our employees would have to pay for part of their insurance coverage.  Up until The Year Of Obama 2013, we've had 100% of our coverage paid by Jukt Micronics.  That pissed 'em off. 

2) Then they explained that the government (i.e. - The White House) had decided to ignore the law of the land and push back the employer mandate to provide coverage, but did NOT push back the individual mandate to purchase coverage.  The employer mandate doesn't kick in until January 2014.  That pissed 'em off. 

3) Then the poor bastards from the insurance company had to explain that if you didn't purchase their product (or that of a competitor), you had to pay a $95.00 fine, or pay 1% of your income to Obama at tax time.  ($95.00 or 1%.  Whichever is greater.)  And the 1% penalty increases rapidly over the next few years.  That pissed 'em off. 

4) I couldn't help myself.  I asked for some clarification on the pre-existing conditions bidness, the part where insurers can't turn anyone away, and where individuals can sign up for insurance in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, which negates the purpose of insurance.  That pissed 'em off (the insurance reps, not the dumbass Democrats). 

5) They explained that the pre-existing conditions bidness doesn't kick in until January of 2015.  That pissed 'em off. 

You get what you vote for.  Unless, of course, it turns out to be very unpopular.  Then, you get what you voted for, but not until after the November 2014 election cycle. 

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