Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time magazine covers, then and now

Here's the cover from Time magazine's "Person(s) Of The Year" award issue from 2003.  Two corporate whistleblowers and a lady from the FBI who thought the Feds could've done more to prevent 9-11. 

Flash forward ten years.  Bradley Manning.  Edward Snowden.  Julian Assange.  Now THOSE are some whistleblowers.  All three have done incredibly important things for the cause of liberty, and at great personal risk.  They make the three ladies shown above look like mid-level managers who finally had the courage to use the company Suggestion Box. 

 Manning will probably die in a cage and Snowden and Assange can't travel freely. 

Here's to Time magazine going the way of Newsweek.  Sooner, not later.  Good riddance. 
Die quickly, mainstream media.  Die quickly. 

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