Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Governed

My friend Ken Stanford, who happens to be Treasurer of the Tarrant County Libertarian Party, let loose this gem on Facebook the other day:

I was listening to a radio show earlier that posed the question whether or not people are naturally good or not. His premise is that people on the left believe people are naturally good and people on the right believe people are naturally not good. Those on the left believe people are naturally good, therefore a large government is there for the benefit of all. People on the right don't believe people are naturally good, therefore are suspicious of large government.
My position is that people are naturally good, therefore we don't need the government in our life telling us what to do with every part of our life. As it has been said, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those with to much power become corrupt. However, in their own lives they are still good to those they are good to those around them.
(This is dealing with generalities so please do not bring up those such as mass murderers, molestors, or rapists. They are the exception not the rule.)
Yeah.  What Ken said.  If you believe in the natural goodness of humanity, you don't want 50% of your income going to being "governed". 

Here's Ken with Fox Business host John Stossel



Liberteur said...

I think mankind is bad - that's why I don't want them ruling over me!

MingoV said...

I've read enough studies and lived enough years to know that people are not naturally good. The majority of people, when presented with a situation where it seems impossible to be caught stealing, will steal. Surveys show that two-thirds of college students have cheated. Many married people will cheat if being caught is unlikely (which is why there are so many prostitutes at convention hotels). It is all too common for contractors, mechanics, plumbers, lawyers, chiropractors, and physicians to overcharge for needed services and lie about the need for additional services.

This presents a problem for those of us who want a libertarian society. The answer is simple: a libertarian society requires selection of citizens. A libertarian society's citizens must be self-reliant, responsible, tolerant, and honest. Less than 5% of people will pass those four criteria.

JayCeezy said...

I'm with Daniel and MingoV. Someone much smarter than me (ok, it was Dennis Prager) said that people are NOT naturally good. And that the fallacy is a leftist fantasy. Which is why leftists failed to fight Nazism, Communism, Criminalism, Islamism, etc. People must be taught, which is why parenting is so important to teach work ethic, sharing, following rules, cleaning up after yourself and sometimes others, being polite when you don't want to be, being responsible when it is more fun and easier to be lazy, etc.

Great post, thanks!