Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We have a clear, stark choice ahead of us

To all delegates to the Libertarian Party of Texas State Convention:

We have a clear, stark choice ahead of us. 

We've had these words, or similar verbiage, in our national and state platforms since the mid-1970's. 

The Tarrant County (Fort Worth/Arlington) Libertarian Party recently participated in the Fort Worth Gay Pride parade, after taking part in the larger Dallas equivalent for almost a decade. 

We were very well-received.  You can't imagine the looks of undiluted joy in the faces of the crowd when we pulled this rig through Downtown Cowtown !

We actually won the trophy for Best Non-Profit Entry. 

Contrast that greatness with this, from the new Vice-Chair of the Harris County (Houston) Libertarian Party.  Yes, this is coming from an official rep of the LP.....

The stats in this thing have been discredited more times than "The Hitler Diaries". 

Pick a side folks.  Pick a side. 


Anonymous said...

The sillification of the Libertarians... so glad you've ideologically outed yourselves. White knighting yourselves into irrelevance for people who despise you.

Oooh-- the delicious consistency of milky post-modernism! Yum!

Go join the Progs-- they're delighted to have you.

MingoV said...

I believe your platform has too many specific examples. Just state what libertarians believe. You don't have to list every single issue that libertarians disapprove or approve.

Buffalo Pete said...

Next time I'm in Texas, I'm buying you a beer.