Monday, January 7, 2008

Stick a Fork in Hillary....She is Done !

"Electronic Village", the best African-American Political Blog, has declared "Stick a Fork in Hillary....She is Done !"

Yesterday on Meet The Press, Mike Murphy was saying that if Hillary didn't do something differently, she would turn into "Ed Muskie in a pantsuit". I didn't get the reference until I read these guys.

Also, they have a good link/post called "How To Market Your Blog in 2008."

Ok, I've got to leave politics alone for a while. It's a long time until November.


Villager said...

Hotep Sepulchre! It looks like I may have spoken too soon. I truly beleived that Obama would have a break-out victory tonight in New Hampshire ... but, with about 30% of the vote counted ... it is still 'too close to call'. That means that Clinton lives to fight another day...

peace, Villager

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Hotep Yourself, Electronic Villager !

Thanks for the comments....

With about 52% of the New Hampshire precincts reporting, The Hildabeest is ahead 39% to 37%. That's less than 5,000 votes.
It ain't over.
Don't sell your prophetic powers short.
If Obama wins New Hampshire by even one vote, it's a massive upset.

-Whited Sepulchre