Saturday, February 2, 2008

Downs Syndrome Victims and Victims of God's Will

Someone strapped explosives to two women with Downs Syndrome, led them to a crowded market in Baghdad, and then detonated the explosives via remote control. At least 73 people were killed. This was apparently an Al-Qaida operation.

If and when the perpetrators of this abomination are captured, I predict they will claim they were doing the will of God, Allah, Zeus, or some other deity.

They will claim that their goal justified using any means necessary, whether the goal was destroying the infidel, bringing about a Sharia government, making things like they used to be, halting the slide toward liberal heresy, changing the direction priests face during communion or which magic words the priests use. (Any Means Necessary now includes using mentally retarded women as bombs, terrorism, destruction of innocents, corruption, bribery, hijacking airliners, intimidation, etc.)

I predict that the perpetrators of this atrocity heard the voice of God, Allah, Zeus, or some other deity telling them to do this. The fact that no one else heard the voice will be irrelevant. That God, if truly omnipotent, could easily make his/her will known to everyone simultaneously if he/she took an interest in these topics hasn't occured to them.

Here's my question: We have, on average, 70 years of life. Some people claim that life on earth is just a sorting process in which the worthy are separated from the unworthy. Therefore, any time unenlightened opponents are silenced or at least intimidated, it has eternal (positive) consequences for much of humanity.

If there is a Higher Power who is going to split humanity into eternal heaven and eternal hell categories, not for actions but for beliefs, are there any crimes in support of these beliefs that can't be justified?

Addition from February 20th, from the great Bob Ray Sanders of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Same conclusion, Same topic, different logic.

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sandersonmom said...

I hope that in the after-life, these truly evil individuals will be face with eternal afterlife of living like a woman and still have the brain of a male. It is dispicable to think that the most honestly lovable souls that we have on Earth have been used as weapons for their idiocrasy they choose to live.