Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drew Carey, David Beckham, Reason magazine, and Immigration

I get about 5 anti-immigrant emails a day.
They're becoming tiresome.

Go back far enough in anyone's family tree, and you'll find an immigrant. This includes "Native Americans".
("Native American" is one of my least favorite terms. It's not precise. Anyone born in the U.S. is a Native American. And if you accept the currently popular Russia/Alaska landbridge theory of how our first inhabitants got here, the first person to walk across immigrant. His/her descendants were native americans. Just like the children of the current illegal aliens will be native americans. Or am I missing something here? For centuries, there's been a game of musical chairs all over the world, with various groups and individuals settling down in a new place every time the music stops. I think that's an Evelyn Waugh analogy. But if your family tree is nothing but Texans as far as you can trace it, and you live in Texas, it means just aren't very adventurous, are you? Should you be entitled to special treatment because you don't get out much?)

Here's The Drew Carey Project on immigration. Sponsored by Reason magazine. They're doing an extended series of these that you can find through this Reason link, or here's a link to the entire series on Youtube. Note that the segment on Medical marijuana has gotten about 28,000 hits, while the episode on my pet peeve, Eminent Domain, has only gotten about 700.


Anonymous said...

Zbeth says:
Speaking of Emminent Domain. Scientific American has an article about the Three Gorge Damn in China. Quite a lot of folks were emminent domained out to build that damn. I was thinking of you as I read about it.
And forget ending sentences with a preposition. Read some literature on linguistics. Those rules were just made up by somebody's maiden aunt.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

People are Eminent Domained over there all the time. Mostly for factories.
It's just one of the blessings of socialism.

Regarding ending sentences with a preposition....Eminent Domain is a concept up with which we should not put.