Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alisa In Wonderland

And now for something completely different....

Someone calling herself Alisa In Wonderland is a frequent commenter on two of my favorite blogs - Counting Cats and Samizdata.

Alisa's observations (in English) on these two sites are usually brilliant. Her blog (in Hebrew) probably is also, but I can't read most of it. She occasionally toggles back and forth between English and Hebrew. Or Yiddish. Or whatever it is.

She writes from Jerusalem.

I know from my hit counter that a lot of seminarians from SWBTS regularly visit my site on heresy hunting field trips. Perhaps you guys could go there and brush up on your Old Testament source language.

It's the best Israeli bilingual libertarian blog you'll ever be unable to read. I promise.

Please join me in encouraging Alisa to write everything in parallel translations.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant? Moi? I am all ablush...

Thanks for the link Allen, you are going straight into my blogroll:-)

Yes, it is Hebrew, and no, I am not in Jerusalem, but I am in Israel.

The bits that are in Hebrew only are the ones that deal with issues that would be of no interest to non-Israelis, or ones that would require a very long article to explain. But I promise to try and write more in English, now that I know that someone is actually reading:-)

Anonymous said...


I have moaned at her in the past over this, with nil result.

And she won't make me any chicken soup either

Anonymous said...

I can still smack your legs though...

Anonymous said...

Well it would be nice but... Hey, I think Alisa is doing more than her bit already!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Chicken soup?
Leg smacking?

Tell us more !
Tell us more !

Sew daze said...

I have got a cold and I liked to be smacked, hard.