Sunday, July 20, 2008

And By Their Bumperstickers, Ye Shall Know Them

I went to the Tarrant County Libertarian meetup in Grapevine yesterday.
First things first....
The meetup was held at Tolbert's Restaurant. I didn't realize going in that this place was the brainchild of Texas Chili-Cookoff legend Frank X. Tolbert. They had the best chili I've ever eaten. End of story.

They also have some great live entertainment scheduled during the next few weeks, including 3 Fools on Stools, A Hard Nights Day (Beatles Tribute) and plenty of others. I'll be returning to Tolbert's.

The other thing that always impresses me about the Libertarian meetups is that the people who attend are readers, not watchers or listeners. One gets the impression that the attendees generally develop their political opinions from books and newspapers, not Larry King, Lou Dobbs, or Rush Limbaugh. I love talking to these folks.
John Spivey, the Tarrant County Chairman, had some good info for us on the TCCC/Trinity River Vision boondoggle. I'm afraid that if I start diving into that mess it'll take over my life. The $$$'s that John was throwing around were terrifying. As wise investments go, this one is starting to make Alaska's Bridge To Nowhere look like Microsoft in the 80's.

Wednesday night, I'm probably going to go to a Meet And Greet in Dallas for Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr. I want to test the validity of his Damascus Road Experience, and in the unlikely event he's read any of the mad ravings on this site, it might be awkward.

Bumperstickers from Libertarian Girl and Buddy Stone.


Anonymous said...

The pro-choice sticker is excellent.

Anonymous said...

So is the "I think, therefore.." one. I love both. I heard someone on cable asked if it was time for a third party in America. Maybe this will be the year for Libertarians to move on down the field!!