Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michael C. Burgess didn't vote for the giveaway

My Congressman, The Honorable Michael C. Burgess, did NOT vote for the giveaway.

Therefore, I'm going to send him some money next time he runs for something. Whoops, he's already running for re-election. Will send something this week.

Here's the link to his official site.

Here's a link to his re-election campaign site.

I've been on the road for the last two days, and was struck by the rabid hostility to this legislation on talk radio. The only exceptions, of course, were public radio stations.

Does anyone (with a private sector job) believe that we should give this money away? Or to use the official BiPartisan line, does anyone believe that the taxpayers should invest in all these "assets" in the hope that the price will increase?

Remember, Nancy Pelosi is your broker.


Gar said...

Did he not vote or vote no?

I sent him a letter as well and got a very good response back. I'm sure it was a form letter, but it was still well done.

He expounded in a way that made me think maybe he thinks a little like I do.

Anonymous said...

HELL NO! I am not for passing out our tax dollars!! I don't care how bad they "say" it's going to get. Last Friday they were telling us the world would come to an end if we didn't have the money to them by Monday morning. Well, it's Wednesday and the sun is still shinning. I don't believe our politicians, I'm sick of the parties. We need some representatives of the people in our Federal, State, AND LOCAL governments. I didn't think much of Joe Barton or M. Burgess until now. I wished McCain was NOT for the bailout. So disappointed that he is all in with it!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Burgess, more of his comments on the bailout here http://blog.thehill.com/2008/09/30/we-need-a-compromise-that-fixes-the-actual-problems-rep-michael-burgess/

Sew daze said...

It is like Stock Market P2K....The world is going to end...The banks will stop lending!! Let the damn private sector take care of their own damn shit! It is like they are taking a big giant dump in a public bathroom and not flushing. Except they are taking a shit with our future...I don't believe a damn word they say. If you shit, wipe your own ass and flush the damn toilet!!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

He voted NO. I probably got the same letter, and it was very well written. It did, however, contain some inklings that he might vote YES if a few things were finessed properly. Distressing.

I hope you never, ever change.

I hope you never, ever....oh, never mind.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Don't sign that check yet! The Senate just passed the bill with a few tweaks... Then to the House. Evenutally, it'll pass, even if it's version 4.6. You should wait to see how it actually shakes out. Until then support Stephanie B. Weiss - Libertarian Candidate, US House Dist 26!

Anonymous said...

Go back and look at the good doctor's record in the house transportation committee. He supports converting freeways into for-profit tollways. He supports the 121 Tollway, and the Trans-Texas Corridor. He believes we should also add, you guessed it, toll lanes to I-35. Don't give him a free pass just because he voted no on the bailout. He's still scum.