Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who's To Bless And Who's To Blame

Here's some Bailout/Giveaway linkage from my friend John Spivey, who runs the Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup Group:

Who to blame? I only have so many fingers! And one is needed for my eternal salute to Congress...
I thought that I'd check out the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, since they're usually so right on target - and of course, they didn't disappoint.

Below is a link to their page "The Bailout Reader" which has many prescient articles written some months to several years ago which foretell the future in Nostradomus-like fashion!

This is a GREAT collection of articles that John is recommending. Most of them were written in the last 10 years, and predict financial meltdown, panic in Congress, and just about all the stuff you see going on now. They were widely ridiculed at the time, of course.

I particularly like this (about the time Pelosi and Franks were gushing over the shrewd financial brilliance and management capabilities of FNMA's Chief Rains) -

Compare to this Video:

It glosses over the culpability of the GOP, but it's funny that the ones pushing the hardest for the bailout now are the ones pushing the hardest to build up the character of FNMA execs in 2004!!
Of course, the GOP is as guilty as the Dems...
Well, maybe it's 49% - 51%... but still...

And at some point, you've got to ask yourself.... Why do voters continue to elect convicted arsonists to supervise the Fire Department?

If it weren't so sad, it'd be funny.



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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Raines not Rains...Grrr. I wish I had a political name spell checker.

Oh well - when it Raines it pours, I suppose!

As I watched that video (even though it was GOP propaganda), I thought to myself - Google and YouTube are the current version of Woodward and Bernstein....

I love finding stuff like that. It's hard to hide.