Thursday, October 9, 2008

Damon's iPod, Part 2

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous post....
Damon's iPod contains lots of REO Speedwagon.

Not the older REO, which did good stuff like "Riding The Storm Out" and "Like You Do".
The later stuff only. Lots of it. All of it.

Lots and lots and lots of REO Speedwagon.


Sew daze said...

How bout some Bad Company? I would respect him if he had some Bad Company on his IPOD

Sew daze said...

for your enjoyment

sandersonmom said...

How about Journey??? THAT would be the bomb...

Oh, did you get the privilege of watching the Thursday edition of Saturday Night Live weekend update last night?

Dr Ralph said...

In addition to my other musical vices, I have gotten into listening to lounge music -- especially the "Ultra Lounge" re-releases. The spousal companion tolerates it, but it may be a matter of "for better or worse."

I will fully admit to its cheesiness but I'm hooked. It's probably the only thing John McCain and I see eye to eye on.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm not going to ask your opinion on music until I'm in charge of the Republican Soccer Mom Country Disco Night at a Gay Bar in Ames Iowa.

I didn't see the Thursday Night edition of SNL, but I understand that they've censored all the YouTube clips because they angered prominent members of The Mommy Party (D).

What do you mean by Lounge Music? I remember liking a series of re-releases by a guy names Esquivel (?) in the early 90's....had names like "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music". Weird, weird, fun stuff.

Sew daze said...


I would not attend a Republican soccer moms gay bar convention in Iowa. But if the Democrats convene in Cape Geraraurdo (still cant spell it) for the semi annual Transvestite sporting strap-ons, I will see you there!!

Dr Ralph said...

WS -- you are remembering correctly what I'm referring to as Lounge Music. There is a series of re-releases of stuff done in the 50's and early 60's with people like Esquivel, Louis Prima, Les Baxter, Nelson Riddle, Martin Denny and a lot of similar but less well known performers.

"Ultra Lounge" was one branding of these re-releases, although there are others as well. Because of its popularity, some new artists have done original music influenced by these. Check out "Seks Bomba" as an example.

Quite a few streaming internet music stations have popped up to feed this mania. Soma.FM's ( Illinois Street Lounge and Secret Agent feeds are two of my favs.