Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've been out of town

I was unexpectedly sent out of town on Monday; hence the lack of posts.

Fortunately, the general "tone" of this site was elevated in my absence. On the previous post, NickM and Dr. Ralph and Tarrant Liberty Guy engaged in a spirited (yet polite and scholarly) debate on the merits of government-funded artwork. (Dr. Liz and the Lazy Slacker chimed in on other issues.)

In appreciation to everyone who read the whole thing, I'd like to offer up this desecration of a Thomas Kinkade painting. Compliments of Democratic Underground. For more of the same, click here. (If you're a Kinkade anti-fan, it's worth it !)


TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Some Thomas Kinkaide paintings I really can finally enjoy! The featured one has everything... The 'Painter of Light's' trademark country church in a bucolic setting - but with Polar bear attacks, cannibalistic ritual sacrifices, dive bomber strafings and hot chicks! The Kinkaide Toilet Paper should be in The Louvre.

Here's an artist I always enjoy. Sandow Birk... His art is very crude and not well done at all - but he takes the mundane goings on of contemporary America and frames them in the settings of actual artistic masterworks. Check out "The Spirit of Los Angeles"
Or "The Mocking of Jesus" --( I have a feeling that's supposed to be pronounced "Hey Zeuss"):

Dr Ralph said...

Oh my lord...

Are they selling those at Wal*Mart yet? 'Cause I got some squirrels in the attic I want to scare.