Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birth of a libertarian

A libertarian is born.


Dr Ralph said...

New York, New York
It's a hell of a town..

NickM said...

Well, at least they nixxed it in the end. Wouldn't happen here. In Britain they are recruiting kids to snoop on neighbours for "enviro-crimes" like over-filling the wheelie-bin and rewarding them with cash.

Tomorrow will of course belong to them.

Gar said...

Wow, if that had happened in Texas, they would have arrested the father for disrespecting an officer and sent the child to protective custody for being outside working in 100+ degrees.
Then, when the public became outraged, they'd promise an investigation which would cost the state millions of dollars thus forcing the public to back off before their taxes went up.
Maybe I should move to New York :).